PHILIPPINE MANGO: The best tasting mango?

fresh green carabao mango

Philippine mango is said to be the best tasting mango in the world. Well, that is of course subject for debate. Each mango producing country who makes a claim for that is entitled to their opinion. Of course the Filipinos will claim that it is the best. For me , though I am a Filipino, I would rather say that the Philippine mango is one of the best tasting mango in the world.

The Philippine mango being referred to is the Carabao variety. Carabao mango has a unique blend of sourness and sweetness making it’s taste incomparable with other varieties. The most popular mango producing provinces are Guimaras, Zambales, Pangasinan, Misamis Oriental, Cebu and Davao.

The Philippines ranks sixth among the worlds top mango producer after China, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico and India. The major export destinations includes Japan, Hongkong, China, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Middle East and European Countries.

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